Toast: Cynthia Anderson (presented with Matt Erickson)

My name is Cynthia Anderson and I’m the adviser in the CHID Program.

This is Matt Erickson and he’s John’s favorite adviser on campus…on the dark side.

Matt and I feel very lucky to have worked with John over the years. I’ve learned a great deal from John and I’ve always admired his thoughtfulness and humble approach to his work and his relationships with his colleagues. There is often a very pronounced line between faculty and staff in certain parts of the University but this isn’t the case at all with John; as advisers, working with Matt and I was a natural extension of John’s desire to connect with students.

I can’t think of a time that John said no to working with a CHID student that approached him to be their thesis advisor. In fact, one of our students, his name is Sol and he’s a pretty big deal in the Seattle Hip Hop scene and he really wanted to work with John. John said yes first, which he often does and then because he didn’t know anything about hip hop he started listening to it, “for research” and ways to support Sol. I so wish I knew what hip hop he started with. Maybe a little Tupac, NWA, Ryan Lewis. We’ll never know…

John loves a good Taco Tuesday and in CHID we come out of our offices and eat lunch together.   Weekly John would pull a can of beans and block of cheese out of his black bag; there seems to be a technological lapse in there somewhere, missing a grater and a can opener

Besides technology, John loves bureaucracy; in fact he values it so much that in his most recent class titled, “Corporate U? ReThinking the University in the Context of the Neoliberal Assault on Public Higher Education he gave his whole class a 4.0 because what’s a grade, really?)

So, please everyone raise your glasses for a toast, to John: our Opa, our fearless leader, and our house genius!